San Fran City Govt’s Response to Rising Crime Rate: Change ‘Convicted Felon’ to ‘Justice-Involved Person’

Crime industry welcomes "person first" terminology

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors proposed new language guidelines to re-shape the way people talk about those in the crime industry. Words such as "felon," "offender," and "convict" would be replaced by "person first" terminology. Under the proposal, a convicted criminal would be referred to as a "formerly incarcerated person," or "justice-involved individual," or even a "returning resident."

Biden Doctor Insists: Former VP ‘Has a Brain That Is Functioning’

Doc: Dem frontrunner definitely doesn't have brain damage

Team Biden is on the defensive, and has even wheeled out the former Veep's brain surgeon to reassure skeptics that he's totally fine and definitely doesn't have brain damage. It's not the most reassuring claim to have to make about a presidential candidate, but here we are.

Report: Biden Told Obama He Was Too Old to Run for President Again

Now he's proving it

A recent New York Times report on the brotherly bond between Barack Obama and Joe Biden contains some interesting details about how Obama ultimately arrived at the decision to select Biden as his running mate in 2008. Unlike Hillary Clinton, among others, Biden was seen as a safe choice in part because he lacked presidential ambitions and was unlikely to exploit the vice presidency to maneuver for a future White House run.

Report: Why Obama Didn’t Want Hillary as VP

He was nervous about putting her "a heartbeat away" from power

Disgraced journalist Glenn Thrush has a piece in the New York Times detailing the history of the most adorable bromance in politics. The report examines the somewhat complicated relationship between former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden and offers some insight into Obama’s thinking as he was searching for a suitable running mate in 2008.

Dems and Jewish Groups Pick Wrong Side on Omar-Tlaib

If Democrats aren't careful, their anti-Israel problem will turn into an anti-Semitic problem.

Should the Netanyahu government have barred “Squad” members and BDS advocates Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from entering the country? Chattering classes in both countries quickly took sides.

Mayor Pete Should Probably Drop Out Already

Boat Shoes Buttigieg tied with Andrew Yang in latest Fox News poll

Many agree that there are way too many white dudes running for president in the Democratic primary. As the third round of debates draws near, some Democrats are beginning to wonder why some of the low-polling vanity candidates shouldn't quit the presidential race and run for a statewide office they might actually have a shot at winning.

Underachieving NBA Owner Ignores ‘Obama Curse,’ Seeks Advice From Former POTUS

Wizards fans should temper their expectations for upcoming season

Ted Leonsis, owner of the Washington Wizards, a perennially underachieving NBA franchise that has only made the playoffs four times in nine seasons under his ownership, and has never advanced beyond the conference semi-finals, continues to make questionable decisions in a effort to build a winning team.

Trump Launches New Offensive in War for Human Supremacy

New regulatory guidelines seek to end coddling of "threatened" species

One of the many historic successes of Donald Trump's presidency is the impressive degree to which he has advanced the cause of human dominion over the animal kingdom. Since Trump took office, mankind has enjoyed unprecedented species dominance both in the United States and around the world. The nerds at the United Nations even published a report warning that up to a million plant and animal species were at risk of going extinct in the coming decades.

American Greatness Achieved: Donald Trump Hits the Links with John Daly

Golf legend raves: "One of the greatest days of my life"

Two of America's most legendary sports icons hit the links on Monday for an epic and quintessentially AMERICAN round of golf at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey. John Daly, whose storied career includes two major championships, wore his patriotism around his waste as he teed it up with President Donald Trump.

ANALYSIS: Pete Buttigieg Unusually Popular Among Iowa Voters Who Put Corn Kernels Into Jars

"Boatshoes" Buttigieg is somewhere between two and four times as popular as Obamacare among Iowa voters

Pete Buttigieg, mayor of the fourth-largest city in Indiana, is the preferred Democratic presidential candidate among a certain segment of the voting public. Namely: White, overeducated, urban-dwelling east coast liberals who wear boats shoes on catamarans while vacationing in Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, and Cap Cod. Also: white grad students who learned how to play the didgeridoo before it was fashionable to feel ashamed about "cultural appropriation." Buttigieg is also performing well, as it turns out, with Iowa State Fair attendees who put kernels of corn into jars.

2020 Dems’ Latest Attack on Obama: His DOJ Bungled the Michael Brown ‘Murder’ Investigation

Warren, Harris stand with activists against Obama officials

Democratic presidential candidates continue to throw shade on the legacy of former President Barack Obama. They rarely criticize him by name, but many of the 2020 hopefuls have implicitly attacked Obama's record on health care, immigration, and climate change, among other issues. The latest example of implied criticism focuses on the Obama administration's investigation into the controversial police-involved shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., in 2014. Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass) and Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) marked the five-year anniversary of Brown's death on Twitter by asserting that he was "murdered."