Georgia Dem Used N-Word in Blog Posts

Caroline Holko / YouTube screenshot
• September 17, 2020 12:30 pm


A Democratic state house candidate in Georgia used the n-word in a blog post and claimed that black men are more likely than white men to commit crimes, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Thursday.

In a 2009 blog post titled, "Calling a spade a spade," candidate Caroline Holko used the n-word and said she opposed censoring the derogatory term.

"I do not agree that n— should be banned from collective speech—I don't hold with censorship of ANY kind," Holko wrote, "and if that means I have to occasionally listen to some [expletive] use mean words, so be it."

She also implied that she had been mugged by black men on multiple occasions while growing up in New Orleans.

"We all struggle in this world. Get over it. I can't control anything in the world except my own actions—and I choose to judge individuals on their own merit—but the fact still remains that I have never been mugged by a white person," the candidate said.

While she told the Journal-Constitution that she regrets the post, she says she still opposes censorship.

Holko won the Democratic primary for Georgia's District 46 race with 55 percent of the vote. She'll face Republican incumbent John Carson in November's general election.

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