WFB’s Bill McMorris Joins Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Friends


Full transcript of the interview found below:

TOM SHUILLE: Wow. What do you think. They would rather see companies go out of business than give in on their high wage game.

BILL MCMORRIS: I actually interviewed a businessman from Emeryville a couple months back. he owned a suspender factory. And this man has survived — what else does he have in buggy whips?

MCMORRIS: He managed to keep a business afloat for 40 years despite the invention of belts and despite Jimmy Carter and despite everything. He says this wage law will put me out of business. It is actually very impressive that he can sell three million belts a year and to have it erased by doubling pretty much every wage at his factory is going to be tragic.

SHUILLE: He does production in california?

MCMORRIS: All he does is build suspenders.

SHUILLE: What do you think? Agree or disagree with my amazing analysis?

BEN: I agree with your analysis. The suspender guy diversifies just a little bit. You know what, it is interesting. It is a large corporation. There is a conspiracy. The mom and pop places are going out of business. Wal-Mart, their product will go up a cent. But for this Grumper's Pizza it went up a lot more than that. you know what really hurts? In college I was a delivery driver. All i would do is go around and deliver Jimmy John subs and get paid in cash.

SHUILLE: Fantastic.

BEN: That's who will get hurt you. The tips are gone and nobody is helping you out with special products. You will be treated terribly and you will be upset they didn't get better service for their money.

SHUILLE: That's great. They didn't give you salad. They gave you drugs, didn't they!

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