Twitter Users Find Bipartisan Consensus Decimating Claim ‘Brooklyn BBQ Is Taking Over the World’

Brooklyn BBQ / Munchies Twitter


Social media users were not kind to a claim by a Vice News-affiliated food website that barbecue from Brooklyn was "taking over the world."

The controversy first arose on Sunday when the website tweeted an article denoting the culinary influences that Brooklyn has made to the world of barbecue. The author, Nicholas Gill, attempts to understand why the barbecue style created and adapted in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is spreading to remote areas of the globe, while the more fabled variations from the southern United States have not.

"The barbecue being assimilated in places like Colombia, Spain, Panama, Sweden, England, and Japan (and even other parts of the US) is not the killer ‘cue from fabled Texas BBQ cities like Lockhart or Austin. Or even the pork-centric versions with sauce in the southeast," Gill wrote. "It's an adapted form of Southern barbecue from Brooklyn. And it all looks like it came straight out of Williamsburg"

"It really doesn't matter where the hell I go now," Gills wrote. "There's a barbecue restaurant that reminds me of North Brooklyn."

As one can imagine, Twitter users were not kind to the assertion that Brooklyn had anything to teach Kansas City, North Carolina, or Texas about barbeque.

Brooklyn BBQ was even able to form a rare bipartisan consensus, as elected officials from the left and the right joined together in derision of the concept.

Haris Alic

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Haris Alic is a staff writer at the Washington Free Beacon. Prior to joining the staff, Haris worked in communications and government relations at various non-profits. Haris lives in Northern Virginia. His Twitter handle is @realHarisAlic. He can be reached at

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