Obama’s Favorite Network

President Barack Obama will be making his first  appearance on NBC’s "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon."

His appearance comes several weeks after First Lady Michelle Obama played tug-of-war with Fallon and adds another chapter in the long line of cameo appearances the president has given to the network’s entertainment programs.

The Washington Free Beacon has previously reported on the cozy relationship the administration has with NBC-affiliated networks:

Both channels are owned by NBC Universal, which is controlled by Comcast and General Electric. The two companies have close ties to the president and his administration.

Obama named GE chief executive Jeffrey Immelt to his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness in January 2011. He enjoys an even friendlier relationship with Comcast executive vice president David Cohen, a former lobbyist.

Cohen has emerged as a prolific fundraiser for Obama in 2012, raising at least $1.2 million for the president after hosting a $10,000 per head fundraiser at his Philadelphia home. He has contributed $224,850 to liberal groups and candidates since 2007, including a $2,300 donation to Obama in 2008.

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