Netflix to Run Vox Entertainment Series Explaining ‘Big Questions of Today’



Vox Entertainment is creating a documentary series about a range of topics set to air on the Netflix streaming platform this summer.

Vox Entertainment, a division of Vox Media, is producing a yet-untitled series that will tackle one of the world's "big" questions in each episode, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Vox‘s editor at large, Ezra Klein is executive producing the series alongside Joe Posner, and he greeted the report with enthusiasm on Twitter.

"Thrilled to announce Vox is coming to Netflix!" Klein tweeted with a link to the Hollywood Reporters article.

Netflix said in a statement that the series "will explore a wide range of global topics and take on the big ‘why' questions that animate our age."

"Each episode will pull a different subject from the zeitgeist, from politics to science to pop culture, and give the bigger picture story — featuring interviews with some of the most authoritative experts in their respective fields," the statement reads.

Vox‘s untitled explainer series is one of three projects by Vox Entertainment, the others being "Prefab Nation" on FYI and "No Passport Required," which will debut on PBS later this year.

The Netflix series will examine its given topics using Vox‘s form of explanatory journalism. In addition to Klein as executive producer, the series will have Claire Gordon of HBO's "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" as the showrunner.

Content from Vox Entertainment is one of many ways Netflix is increasing its offering of documentary series. Building on the success of shows such as "Making a Murderer," Netflix is debuting series such as "Flint Town," a series about the Flint, Michigan, police department which is produced in association with Anonymous Content, and "Wild Wild Country," which is about a failed utopian city in Oregon.

UPDATED 5:31 P.M.: This article has been updated to clarify that Anonymous Content is the production company producing "Flint Town."

Paul Crookston

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