Mike Rowe Doesn’t Hold Back in Response to Viewer Who Doesn’t Agree With His Worldview

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• January 16, 2018 12:19 pm


Mike Rowe, best known as the host of "Dirty Jobs" and the CNN series "Somebody's Gotta Do It," recently had a prolific response to a viewer who expressed concern that someone with his political views would be narrating a television show about science.

A viewer of "How the Universe Works," which Rowe narrates, expressed skepticism last week for how the show’s producers could "allow an anti-education, science doubting, ultra-right wing conservative" to be part of a documentary series which aims to show how the cosmos were designed, built, and function.

"…I'm lost on how the producers and the Science Channel can allow anti-education, science doubting, ultra-right wing conservative Mike Rowe to narrate the show," Rebecca Bright wrote on Rowe’s Facebook page.

"There are countless scientists that should be hired for that, or actors, if you must, that believe in education and science," Bright wrote. 

Bright suggested the show's producers and financial backers cancel the "fool" Rowe's contract, and replace him with a scientist or someone "that would sound great narrating the show," such as widely-recognized narrator Morgan Freeman.

Rowe characteristically responded to Bright’s Facebook post with a longer one of his own, all to the view of millions of users that like his page.

"You’ve called me an ‘ultra-right wing conservative,’ who is both ‘anti-education,’ and ‘science-doubting.’ Interestingly, you offer no proof. Odd, for a lover of science." Rowe wrote. "So I challenge you to do so now…Please provide some evidence that I am in fact the person you’ve described."

"…questioning the cost of a college degree does not make me "anti-education," replied Rowe. "And questioning the wisdom of a universal $15 minimum wage doesn’t make me an "ultra-right wing conservative."

"You've publicly asked a network to fire the narrator of a hit show because you might not share his personal beliefs," said Rowe. "Don't you think that's kind of…extraordinary? Not only are you unwilling to engage with someone you disagree with – you can’t even enjoy a show you claim to love if you suspect the narrator might not share your view of the world!"

Rowe took umbrage at Bright's insistence that he be fired for holding a point of view that differed from her own, calling those types of  "tactics" a "toxic blend of laziness and group-think that are all too common today–a hot mess of hashtags and intolerance that deepen the chasm currently dividing our country."

When it came to the topic of the show's producers replacing Rowe with Freeman, or someone with a similar profile, Rowe–using Bright's standards– hinted at some attributes that could potentially disqualify the star.

"…remember, Morgan played God on the big screen. Twice. Moreover, he has publicly claimed to be a "believer." (gasp!) Should this disqualify him from narrating a series that contradicts the Bible at every turn? If not, why not?"

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