Bill O’Reilly to Appear on CNN for the First Time

Bill O'Reilly / Getty

Almost four months after his ouster at Fox News, Bill O'Reilly will be appearing on television at his long-time rival CNN for the first time.

The longtime cable news champion, who was forced out at Fox in April amid a swirl of sexual harassment allegations, has never been on the rival network before.

O'Reilly will be joining his former radio fill-in host Michael Smerconish at some point in September, which he announced during his online show Wednesday. O'Reilly's show "No Spin News" has a subscription model but puts some clips up for free after it airs, and in his first episode he had Smerconish on to discuss what he calls CNN's "hate Trump" agenda.

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"When I watch your network it is hour after hour after hour of speculation with 17 hate-Trumpers and one Jeffrey Lord, or someone else who looks like he's on a tranqulizer, defending him," O'Reilly told Smerconish.

Smerconish said that he tried to be more fair, for which O'Reilly credited him. O'Reilly was enthusiastic about the prospect of joining Smerconish next month.

"I'll see you on CNN in September," O'Reilly said at the end of the interview.

Smerconish's show airs on Saturday mornings.