Whiny Students Demand Newspaper 'Provide a Safe Space'

wah wah where's baby's safe space wah wah
September 22, 2015

Of all the dumb phrases deployed by the SJW* set, "safe space" is among the dumbest. Consider, for instance, its usage here:

During the Wesleyan Student Assembly’s (WSA) open forum on Sunday, Sept. 20, members of the Senate discussed a petition calling for a boycott of The Wesleyan Argus and the revocation of its student group funding. The petition will be the focus of a WSA-sponsored town hall meeting next Sunday, Sept. 27. This petition was sparked by a controversial article published in the Opinion section of The Argus last Tuesday, critiquing certain methods of the Black Lives Matter movement.

"The undersigned agree to boycott the Argus, recognizing that the paper has historically failed to be an inclusive representation of the voices of the student body," the petition reads. "Most specifically, it neglects to provide a safe space for the voices of students of color and we are doubtful that it will in the future."

How can a newspaper be a "safe space"? Are they arguing that the Argus would not publish the viewpoints of students of color? Then say that! Of course, I don't think that is what they're arguing here. What they're arguing here, I think, is the following: "The Argus publishes viewpoints that we find troubling, and viewpoints that we find troubling cause us mental distress, therefore the Argus is not a safe space, and since it is not a safe space it should be deprived of funding and shuttered."

If I were in charge of that school I'd round up every student that signed that petition and force them to go to a seminar titled "Attending College and Being an Adult: Sometimes Learning Means Being Exposed to Ideas You Don't Like." That seems like a more productive use of the university's time than deciding which ideas are too dangerous for the ears of their precious, whiny, crybaby wards.

Grow up.

*I am aware that Social Justice Warriors, or SJWs for short, don't like being called SJWs because they find the term "SJW" demeaning. Tough. When you grow up and act like adults and stop demanding that writers who publish something that hurt your feels attend "once-per-semester Social Justice/Diversity training" I'll stop calling you SJWs, you mewling quims.