Best Things About Vic Matus, Ranked (New, Terrible Substandard!)

In the latest Substandard, JVL and I bravely soldier on after being abandoned by Vic, who "wanted to take an extra week off so he didn't go insane." And boy, is his absence felt! What a dreadful episode. Please don't hold it against us if you choose to rate or review the show this week, of all weeks.

Anyway, after the embed, I wanted to offer some of the reasons why Vic was so missed this week. He's really a great guy, it'll be a shame if we have to kill the show because he quits.

Without further ado, here are some reasons why Vic is so great.

1. No Vic = No Gene

Why even bother living if we can't listen to Vic Matus do a Gene Shalit-style review once every few weeks?

2. Where are the transitions?

Without Vic's tireless efforts we can't transition smoothly from segment to segment. My God, just listen to the car wreck that is this week's episode. It's a nightmare.

3. Drinking Alone Is No Fun!

Look, JVL's a good guy but his whole "grapefruit beer" shtick does not exactly inspire me to start throwing back bourbon at the levels required to make me want to do the show. Especially the Facebook Live portion of the show. Oh, speaking of which:

4. No Vic Means Lame-Ass Gimmicks to Fill the Dead Time and the Hole in Our Souls

What the shit is this? My God. It's the worst thing that's ever been put on the Internet.