Free Beacon Todd Shepherd

Todd Shepherd is a former staff writer for the Washington Free Beacon. He began his reporting career in radio, working as an anchor and reporter for KOMA in Oklahoma City and KOA in Denver. He spent eight years as the investigative reporter for the Independence Institute in Colorado, a free-market-based think tank. Campaigns and Elections magazine named him a "Top Colorado Influencer" for his reporting and news blog. He’s a graduate of the media studies program from Oklahoma Baptist University.

Election Officials Convene in D.C. Amid Continued Friction Over Voting Security, Russian Propaganda Concerns

Secretaries of state have had to defend their turf against increased federal desire to have hand in election security

February 16, 2018

Steyer Keeps Pressure on Local Races Despite Spotlight of National Goals

Term limits, possible 'blue wave' create opportunities for billionaire mega-donor

February 15, 2018

House Democrats Outspend GOP Counterparts 2-1 on Auto Leases

Perk of the office occasionally becomes a political liability

February 12, 2018

Virginia House Passes Legislation in Response to Steyer GOTV Tactics

Billionaire's NextGen project gained student phone numbers through open records act

February 8, 2018

Cancer Research Agency Draws Fire From House GOP

Methods and funding of France-based IARC criticized by Republicans

February 6, 2018

Conservatives Call on Mulvaney to Audit CFPB Finances

Chance for in-depth audit exists because of recent court victories

February 6, 2018

Partisan Fights Over Science Funding Likely to Reemerge on Capitol Hill

Agency with history of controversial findings is in the spotlight

February 5, 2018

Judge Dismisses Suit Against Mulvaney Appointment to CFPB

Ruling clears the deck for D.C. ruling to be final word in political battle over the bureau

February 2, 2018

Think Tank Requests SEC Investigation of California Governments Worried About Climate Change

Claims local governments are specifying risks in lawsuits, but not bond disclosures

February 2, 2018

Former GOP Rep. Tom Tancredo Drops Out of Colorado Governor's Race

'Anti-establishment' candidate cites fundraising problems

January 30, 2018