Free Beacon Susannah Luthi

How Newsom Is Using the DeSantis Debate To Gear Up for 2028

California governor fundraising off debate to pad national campaign coffers

November 30, 2023

This 'Abolitionist' Group Raised Millions To Support BLM. Now, It's Going After Jews.

People's City Council of Los Angeles could face financial scrutiny following attack on AIPAC president's home, experts say

November 30, 2023

Newsom Is Mandating Education in Disinformation—While Spreading It Online

California gov falsely claims Tennessee town bans 'being gay in public'

November 17, 2023

‘Blatantly Undemocratic’: Republicans Slam Newsom Move to Block Anti-Tax Ballot Initiative

GOP-backed ballot measure would make it harder to push through new taxes

November 16, 2023

Bay Area Counseling Service Hosts Meet-Ups for Adults and Minors To Discuss Gender and Sexuality

Trans adults up to age 25 can talk to kids as young as 14 through weekly online program

November 10, 2023