Noah Pollak

Sheldon Adelson, RIP

Sheldon Adelson lived the American dream, a version so extreme that it could be the plot of a Hollywood blockbuster. He started far poorer, and ended up far wealthier, than almost anyone in history, and he knew it. When you met with him, which I was lucky enough to do on a very few occasions, he made a point of giving you a short speech about growing up in a two-room Dorchester tenement and sleeping on the floor with his siblings. His parents were immigrants and they were desperately poor—so don’t think the gilded office you were sitting in was handed to him, and don’t think he doesn’t know what it takes.

Trump Endorses Controversial, Unprecedented Policy on Settlements Held by Previous Administrations

Support for U.N. resolution calling Israeli settlements illegal made in final days of Obama presidency

WEst BankSecretary of State Mike Pompeo announced Monday that the United States had reversed a Carter administration-era State Department legal opinion calling Israeli settlements in the West Bank "inconsistent with international law." The decision, apparently long in the works, comes days after a ruling by an E.U. court requiring Israeli products made in disputed territories to carry special labels—a decision widely seen as creating a legal pretext for the E.U.'s eventual adoption of boycotts on Israeli goods.

If You Like the Peace Process, Please Don’t Read Polls of Palestinians

Palestinians attend a rally marking the 31st anniversary of Hamas' founding, in Gaza CityThere is one thing that Palestine obsessives never seem obsessed with: the opinions of Palestinians. There's no mystery here—asking what Palestinians believe exposes a fundamental problem with the liberal approach to the peace process, which is based on the belief that Palestinians are willing to live peacefully beside Israel.

The Laughable Hypocrisy of the Echo Chamber

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and President Donald TrumpRemember the neocons? Those promoters of democracy and human rights in foreign policy, adherents of Andrei Sakharov's mantra that "a country that does not respect the rights of its own people will not respect the rights of its neighbors"? The neocons can criticize Trump today. Everyone else is posturing, and their hypocrisy is too annoying to go unnoticed.

J Street Chapters Aiding BDS Campaigns on Campuses

Fueling anti-Israel climate through lobbying, activism

Boycott IsraelCampus branches of the liberal group J Street have been helping anti-Israel activists gain support for student government resolutions calling for boycotts of Israel, according to a Washington Free Beacon review of BDS campaigns on college campuses during the recently concluded 2017-2018 school year.

Making Up International Law For Fun and Sport

Media coverage of Hamas's attacks on the Israeli border have been, as usual, a dumpster fire of idiocy and ignorance. Hamas itself now admits that "50 of the 62 martyrs" were card-carrying terrorists. One of the heads of Hamas just boasted to an interviewer: "This is not peaceful resistance." No facts or admissions will intrude on the media narrative, which is that Israel is diabolically slaughtering civilians because Israelis enjoy killing people.