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Joe Simonson is a senior investigative reporter for the Washington Free Beacon. He previously worked as an investigative reporter and campaign correspondent for the Washington Examiner. His work has appeared in the New York Post, the American Conservative, and National Review. He lives in Washington, DC. His Twitter handle is @SaysSimonson. You can reach Joe at

Ohio Dem Emilia Sykes Sued Her School After She Lost a University Beauty Pageant

Failed university pageant contestant now running against winner of Miss Ohio pageant

August 13, 2022

State AGs Take Aim at $10 Trillion Investment Giant Over Woke Investments

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink in the crosshairs of investigation led by 19 Republican attorneys general

August 10, 2022

Colorado Dem Obtains 24-Hour Fishing License To Shoot Campaign Ad

Multimillionaire Michael Bennet is working to cast himself as an outdoorsman. It may be a hard sell.

August 9, 2022

Dems Poised To Make IRS Larger Than Pentagon, State Department, FBI, and Border Patrol Combined

Manchin-backed Inflation Reduction Act would more than double agency's size

August 6, 2022

Colorado Democrat Kicks Off Reelection Campaign With a Lie

Michael Bennet claims he doesn't accept corporate PAC contributions. He's taken thousands from groups that accept corporate PAC money.

August 5, 2022

Even Biden's Favorite Economist Says Inflation Reduction Act Won't Reduce Inflation

White House touts report that says Americans will see no change in inflation due to the bill until late 2023

August 2, 2022

Manchin Reconciliation Package Includes Policy He Once Called 'Ludicrous'

West Virginia senator's deal provides tens of billions of dollars in electric vehicle tax credits.

August 1, 2022

Michigan Dem Says He's Stood Up to Own Party. He's On Pelosi's Leadership Team.

Dan Kildee's latest ad undermined by fact that he votes with Biden 100 percent of time

July 29, 2022