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Decision Day For Civil War Between Far Left and Establishment

Tuesday primaries see establishment Dems face far-left challengers in big-money races

June 22, 2020

CA Dems Want $20 Million to Enforce Anti-Gig Law Amid Budget Crisis

Critics say law will exacerbate $54 billion deficit, economic downturn

June 21, 2020

Oklahoma Supreme Court Rejects Bid to Block Trump Rally

Stormy Daniels's lawyer fails in Tulsa Trump rally lawsuit

June 19, 2020

Elizabeth Warren Pulls Support for Amy McGrath, Endorses Her Primary Opponent

McGrath losing momentum despite $22 million spent on McConnell challenge

June 18, 2020

NY Dem Accused of Darkening Opponent's Skin in 'Racist' Campaign Mailer

Rep. Yvette Clarke challenger Adem Bunkeddeko calls mailer 'despicable'

June 18, 2020

Small Business Owners Slam Iowa Dem's 'Concerning' Record as Real Estate Executive

Theresa Greenfield evicted local businesses to make way for a multinational corporation

June 17, 2020

Pressured Into Senate Race by Top Dems, Montana's Bullock Says He 'Won't Answer to Party Bosses'

Dem called Senate run 'an absolute no' until Schumer, Obama intervened

June 16, 2020
voting booth

Former Top Michigan Elections Official Slams Mass Mail-In Vote

Local officials worry about election integrity in one of 2020's most important states

June 16, 2020

Iowa Dem Receives Endorsement From Far-Left Group Behind Anti-Ethanol Lawsuit

Sierra Club supports anti-ag policies, as well as Dem Rep. Finkenauer

June 10, 2020