Wisconsin, LSU, and the State of NCAA Football

Of all this week’s match-ups, there’s no better example of the state of college football than Wisconsin/LSU. The gap between the Big Ten and SEC has been widening for years, and Saturday’s game is a barometer for whether it will persist.

Model Jess Perez Does Ice Bucket Challenge, World Never the Same

Sports Illustrated swim smokes taking the ice bucket challenge was going to happen eventually. It just was surprising that out of all of the remote locales SI editors could have set the challenge, they chose the least exotic place on the planet: a minor league ball park in Brooklyn.

I’m quite familiar with Ariel Meredith. That’s her on the right, and she is well known throughout the world  for her love of goats and disdain for breast augmentation. But I wasn’t as familiar with her friend on the left, Jess Perez.

Get ready for your close-up, Jess.

Alexandria Morgan Is Too Hot for TV

Calling Alexandria Morgan the “Next Kate Upton” just because she posed in a patriotic one-piece is painting with too broad a brush. Alexandria has her own special attributes. She’s her own person. Eyes up here, buddy.

Bryana Holly Not So Into Politics, Clothes

Swimsmoke Bryana Holly models for a variety of brands, but her latest for Me Undies is notable in that if you see it in person you are likely to get a crick in your neck from staring at it.

Brian Hoyer Will Be the Browns’ Starting Quarterback

I should just retire from trying to predict personnel moves for sports teams in Ohio.

White smoke emitted from Cleveland Browns HQ this morning as head coach Mike Pettine made good on his promise and announced Brian Hoyer will be the Brown’s Week One starting quarterback. The Believeland girl will have to keep that piece of duct tape with Johnny Football’s name in her nightstand drawer just a little longer.