When a Movie Star Was President

'Movie Nights with the Reagans: A Memoir' by Mark Weinberg

It is a strange historical fact that the only president to come out of Hollywood was a standard-bearer for conservatism.

Ads in Miami Urge Trump to Immediately Appoint New Head of Radio and TV Marti

Inspire America Foundation stresses importance of Marti's mission in post-Castro era

A Miami-based group that takes a hardline in opposition to Castro government has funded a television campaign calling on Florida residents to call the White House and urge President Donald Trump to name a new director of the U.S. broadcasting operation directed at the Cuban people.

Phantasmagoria and Where to Find It

Review: 'Gorey's Worlds' at the Wadsworth Atheneum

"The younger generation just doesn't get Edward Gorey," an older woman said. She was dressed in a knitted brown cardigan, leaning on the elbow of her husband. She turned her head and noticed me. "Oh! Except for you of course. You're here!" I was at the exhibit "Gorey's Worlds," a retrospective of the eminent author and illustrator accompanied by his collected art at the Wadsworth Atheneum in snowy, windy Hartford, Conn.