Gawker Got Literally Everything Wrong About Florida’s New Warning Shots Bill

Families Against Mandatory Minimums, not the NRA, helped craft bill

The viral content blog Gawker published an article Friday headlined: “The NRA Literally Wrote Florida’s New Bill to Legalize Warning Shots.” However, a brief investigation by the Free Beacon revealed that the NRA literally did not write Florida’s new bill to legalize warning shots.

The Five Big Gun Control Moments of 2013

Gun control advocates unable to exploit national tragedies, analysis shows

Following the December school shooting at Newton, Connecticut, that left 20 children dead, Democrats and advocacy groups vowed to pass new gun laws in 2013.

Gun Companies Leave New York Following SAFE Act

Opposition mounts even as part of law is quietly delayed
A member of NY2A Grassroots Coalition, stands on an image of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo / AP

Nearly 10 months since New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D.) signed the SAFE Act, opposition to the law continues to increase, three gun companies have announced plans to leave the state, and a key provision in the law has been quietly delayed.