Van Susteren to Thune: Do You Find It ‘Pathetic’ that Senate Is Still Debating Sequester?

Thune: Obama wants fat tax increase on American people


Fox News host Greta Van Susteren slammed the Senate in an interview with Sen. John Thune (R., S.D.) Tuesday, asking him if he thought, as a member of the minority party in that body, if he found it "pathetic" that the Senate was still debating on the week of the sequester deadline when it had known about it for more than a year.

"What kind of debate can you have for three days going into something so profoundly important?" she asked.

Thune replied that it was giving President Obama more time to run around the country to "campaign and try and build pressure."

"What our experience has been with the Democrat majority in the Senate is they wait until that 11th hour, until the critical mass time in hopes that they can get their way," Thune said. "In this case, the president wants his way and what the president wants out of all this is another big, fat tax increase on the American people. They're not willing to work with us to come up with an alternative that actually replaces these spending cuts with what we think are a more responsible approach."

Full interview:

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