New Jersey Dem Sent Explicit Emails to Lobbyist

Assemblyman Joe Cryan / Facebook


New Jersey state Democratic Assemblyman Joe Cryan sent more than 150 sexually explicit emails to a lobbyist later arrested for stalking him, reports the New York Post:

Cryan urged prosecutors for years to keep the courts from releasing the e-mails’ sexually charged content, while [lobbyist Karen] Golding pushed to get them out, first referring to them in court papers in 2009. […]

In one e-mail, Cryan peppered his partner with questions.

"Tell me about your preference . . . knees . . . stairs?" On all fours as I stand?" he asked on June 11, 2004.

"Or hands tied to a bedpost as you stand? Dressed appropriately, of course."

Cryan’s idea of appropriate dress included "leather and boots . . . nipple clamps . . . easy-access skirt . . . Playboy-like lingerie."

Cryan served as the state Democratic Party chairman from 2009 to 2010 and is slated to return to the post.

Lobbyist Golding was arrested in 2006 for stalking Cryan and two women he dated after their two-year relationship ended. She pleaded guilty to stalking one of the women and last month filed the emails in court with the hopes of reducing her sentence.