Bill Would Require Lobbyists to Disclose Sex with Lawmakers

Missouri legislation defines relations as ‘gifts’


A bill introduced this week in the Missouri House of Representatives would require lobbyists to report sexual relations with state lawmakers or members of their staff to the state ethics commission.

The legislation, first reported by The Kansas City Stardefines sexual relations between registered lobbyists and members of the general assembly or their staff as a "gift." If passed, the bill would mandate that lobbyists report such acts on monthly gift disclosure forms.

However, the bill would provide exemptions for a select group of individuals.

"For purposes of subdivision (2) of this subsection, the term ‘gift’ shall include sexual relations between a registered lobbyist and a member of the general assembly or his or her staff," the bill states.

"Relations between married persons or between persons who entered into a relationship prior to the registration of the lobbyist, the election of the member to the general assembly, or the employment of the staff person shall not be reportable under this subdivision."

The legislation further notes that the reporting of sexual relations "shall not require a dollar valuation."

Rep. Bart Korman, a Republican, introduced the legislation Wednesday.

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Morgan Chalfant is a staff writer at the Washington Free Beacon. Prior to joining the Free Beacon, Morgan worked as a staff writer at Red Alert Politics. She also served as the year-long Collegiate Network fellow on the editorial page at USA TODAY from 2013-14. Morgan graduated from Boston College in 2013 with a B.A. in English and Mathematics. Her Twitter handle is @mchalfant16.

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