You, Sir, Are No Bill Clinton


Former Democratic Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell criticized President Obama for neglecting to reach out to Democratic leaders across the country. Rendell compared Obama unfavorably to former President Clinton. According to Buzzfeed:

Former Pensylvania Governor Ed Rendell said it would be unfair to compare Obama’s aides to Clinton’s operation.

"You’re comparing them to the gold standard," Rendell told BuzzFeed. "They’ve done a good job."

He added, however, that he hasn’t heard of officials getting Clinton-style calls from Obama at 11:30 at night to ask about local issues. That, said a former Clinton aide, is simply a product of how Obama rose to power.

"He’s not as engaged in building Democratic institutions in different states," the consultant said. "If you think about how he came to beat Hillary and become president, he did not go through typical Democratic institutions — he ceded that to Hillary. Eventually some started to come his way. I don’t know if there’s as much of a reliance on building these operations state by state."