Speaks with Forked Tongue


Democratic Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren supported Republican Sen. Scott Brown’s changes to the Dodd-Frank regulatory bill in 2010, but now criticizes Brown for "undermining" the bill. According to the Weekly Standard:

In a campaign statement Monday, Warren blasted Brown for his behind-the-scenes maneuvering to loosen the banking regulations in Dodd-Frank, after the financial regulatory bill passed. …

But on July 15, 2010, in the middle of the debate over Dodd-Frank, Brown’s legislative director Nat Hoopes reportedly had a 20-minute conversation with Warren on Capitol Hill in which they discussed Brown's ideas about improving the legislation. …

Warren wrote back to Hoopes to express her agreement (emphasis added):

I've been beating the drum for the past year about how CFPB should be in the business of reducing regulatory burden, streamlining government, and shrinking disclosure. I've also stressed that this will help level the playing field between small and big banks. We're very much like-minded on this.

Warren also flip-flopped on the auto bailout, according to records published by the Free Beacon. Warren previously opposed the terms of President Obama’s auto bailout, but now supports the controversial policy.