Iranian Hackers Attacked U.S. Company


A previously unknown group of hackers believed to be Iranian has opened cyber attacks in the United States against U.S. companies, Bloomberg reports:

The Iranian group emerged within the last six months and has infiltrated the networks of at least one U.S. corporation, Richard Bejtlich, Mandiant’s chief security officer, said in an interview in Washington today.

"You’re starting to see the Iranians get more active," Bejtlich said. "We’ve got at least one case where we think it’s Iran, and we think what they are doing is trying to gain some experience on a live network." […]

The group’s motivation isn’t clear, and Bejtlich wouldn’t name the U.S. company that has been infiltrated or what industry is involved.

The group that identified the attack, Mandiant Corp., is the same group that determined the Chinese military is behind major cyber espionage efforts in a February report.

American officials have been reporting new cyber attacks originating from the Middle East that, unlike Chinese cyber espionage attacks, have destructive intentions, the New York Times reported Monday.