Biceps Are Leading Indicator of Republicanism


The Daily Mail reported Thursday on a study published in the Psychological Science journal suggesting there is a correlation between a man’s upper body strength and his political associations.

According to the research conducted by Michael Bang Petersen of Aarhus University, Denmark and Daniel Sznycer of the University of California, Santa Barbara, men with greater upper body strength are more likely to support self-interested principles regarding redistribution of wealth.

“Despite the fact that the United States, Denmark and Argentina have very different welfare systems, we still see that — at the psychological level — individuals reason about welfare redistribution in the same way,” says Petersen. “In all three countries, physically strong males consistently pursue the self-interested position on redistribution.”

Additionally, the study found that men with little upper body strength were more inclined to the redistribution of wealth supported by the Obama administration.

The study reveals that natural selection may be a factor in shaping political behavior. 

“This is among the first studies to show that political views may be rational in another sense, in that they’re designed by natural selection to function in the conditions recurrent over human evolutionary history,” explained Peterson.

In other words, Republican men know how to “protect this house.” In honor of this study we have complied a list of men who prove the research:

1. Rep. Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan copy

Time Magazine

Paul Ryan revealed to Time Magazine that he keeps cut physique with the P90X workout program.

2. Rep. Aaron Schock 

Men's Health Magazine

Men’s Health Magazine

Schock’s washboard abs graced the May 2011 cover of Men’s Health Magazine.

3. Sen. Jeff Flake



Flake proves he is King of the Jungle as he hatchets open a coconut.

4. Sen. John Thune 



It’s no surprise that this baller has been named the fastest man in Congress for four consecutive years by Runners World Magazine. 

5. Former Sen. Scott Brown



Brown bared it all in for June 1982 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine as “America’s Sexiest Man.”

6. Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger



The body builder turned action star used his super strength to become “The Governator.”

7. Chuck Norris



Norris fights for freedom with his Tae Kwon-Do black belt.

8. Brock Lesnar 



UFC fighter Brock Lesnar has no problem laying the smack down on Obamacare.

9. Chael Sonnen



Scrappy UFC fighter Chael Sonnen thinks President Barack Obama has a “pothead mentality.”

10. Tim Tebow



According to a Public Policy Polling survey, Tim Tebow was rated as Republicans’ favorite quarterback.