PA Family Doctor Faces Huge Obamacare Fines, Despite Attempts to Comply

Doctor: 'I think the ACA is really going to eliminate small practices'


Pennsylvania family physician Dr. Francis Brescia, Jr. has found himself facing thousands of dollars of fines under Obamacare because of a mandate regarding how he keeps his medical records, even after he made every effort to comply with the law.

Obamacare requires all doctors to keep electronic medical records. For every year a physician fails to keep their records electronically, they are fined. Outside companies typically charge doctors around $50,000 to provide this electronic filing service.

Brescia tried to comply with this mandate, but then the company he had hired to keep his records went bankrupt. Now the government Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is charging him $18,000 for failure to comply.

"I think the Affordable Care Act is really going to eliminate small practices," Brescia told his local news station. "You're going to have to join an organization."