Nunn’s Struggles Continue

Dem Senate Candidate Fails Again to State Her Obamacare Position


Michelle Nunn, a Democratic Senate candidate, played coy about Obamacare for the second time Monday, refusing to answer MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid’s question about her stance on the issue.

"I did take a look at your website. You do talk about campaign finance reform and some of the issues you just mentioned. One thing not on your website – health care. What is your position on the Affordable Care Act? Are you a supporter of it? Do you think it's a good idea? What about the Medicaid expansion?" Reid asked.

Nunn sheepishly responded, "I come at it from someone who was making payroll and looking at rising health care premiums as a CEO of an organization of a small organization. I think it starts with what are the things that aren't working yet around our health care system… I think we need to build on the things that are working…."

She previously dodged questions about healthcare by MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt Monday.