Jay Carney Refers Obamacare Questions to HHS 10 times


White House Press Secretary Jay Carney referred reporters' questions regarding Obamacare to the Department of Health & Human Services 10 times Tuesday in the White House press briefing.

An exasperated White House press corps was continually stymied by Carney in their attempts to extract any information about what is being done to fix healthcare.gov.

At one point, a reporter asked Carney whether HHS would actually be able to answer the questions that the White House press secretary had directed to the federal agency. Predictably, Carney referred the reporter to HHS.

In a scene indicative of the frustration among the press corps, Carney concluded the briefing by ignoring a final Obamacare question, at which point another reporter chimed in "Couldn't we just have a rep [from HHS] come to the press briefing?":