CNN Blasts Obama Presser on VA Scandal

CNN Reporter: Vets Want Problems Fixed, Not More Studies


CNN Correspondent Drew Griffin on Wednesday expressed his disappointment with President Obama’s press conference on the Virginia veterans scandal.

"I was a little caught off guard by what apparently is a disconnect by what’s happening out in the country and what the President is talking about," Griffin told CNN’s Jake Tapper.

He made note of the numerous studies already conducted about the matter and stressed that Americans do not want to wait for another investigation to happen before any type of action is taken to fix the scandal.

Griffin said, "I was a little confused by the President’s remarks today. At the same time he was saying that he’s known about this problem for years and years and years and it goes back decades- far past into other people’s presidencies, and yet we’re five years into his presidency and the problem seems to be certainly not better and perhaps even worse."