Swing State Poll: Most Voters Don’t Think Hillary Clinton Is ‘Honest and Trustworthy’


Bad news for Hillary Clinton: Her favorability rating continues to fall, and a recent Quinnipiac poll of swing states (Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania) found that most voters would not describe her as “honest and trustworthy.”

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New Mad Max Trailer Melts Faces, Upends 2016 Oscar Race


As far as I can tell, someone just gave George Miller $150 million and said “Go nuts!” Right?

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Report: In Email Correspondence, Hillary Clinton Mixed Business with Personal


The Associated Press report that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also used an iPad to send emails from her private account. This appears to undermine Clinton’s initial explanation that her decision to use a private email server was motivated by her desire to carry a single device (a BlackBerry).

Emails obtained by the AP show that Clinton occasionally mixed up personal correspondence with work-related matters. For example, Clinton once responded to an email from senior aide Huma Abedin—relating to drone strikes in Pakistan—with a series of questions about interior decorating.

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Everything’s A Problem!

Your new host of the Daily Show, Trevor Noah!

Jamie Foxx? Problematic. Crowdfunding college sports? Problematic. But you want to know what’s really problematic? The new Daily Show hire: Trevor Noah.

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K Street is Crawling with Former Hillary Clinton Staffers

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Via Major Garrett, here’s a look at the Open Secrets list of congressional staffers who have traversed the “revolving door” to (or from) K-Street lobbying firms. Guess which politician has the most former staffers represented?

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On Iran, Obama Should Have Listened to Mad Dog Mattis

Mad Dog

With John Kerry currently working to salvage a nuclear deal with Iran in Lausanne before tomorrow’s deadline, consider just how much the White House has been willing to sacrifice to get to this point. Even those supportive of the White House concede that some sort of general collapse is underway in the Middle East. They avoid those words like “collapse” or “chaos”, preferring metaphors like the “shifting” of “tectonic plates” (this example from the Center for American Progress’s Brian Katulis) implying that, as with volcanos and earthquakes, the Obama administration didn’t cause what is happening, and can’t do a darn thing about it anyway.

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Report: Hillary Clinton Adviser May Have Illegally Lobbied on Behalf of Putin-Allied Billionaire


It is a testament to the reputation Bill and Hillary Clinton have acquired over the years that the answer to this question is “Yeah, probably. [Shrug.]”

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Shame Is a Powerful Tool, But Not All Shamings Are Equal


I have a review of Jon Ronson’s new book, So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, in the current issue of the Weekly Standard. You can read my review here, and you can buy Ronson’s book here (it comes out tomorrow; I recommend it highly if you are as horrified as I am by the ways in which Internet mobs have behaved over the last few years).

One thing I didn’t have quite enough space to get into, but can here, is that we are poorly served by conflating every public shaming, as if they’re all equal. Here’s a paragraph from Jesse Singal’s introduction to her brief Q&A with Ronson in New York magazine:

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Elizabeth Warren is Attacking Hillary Clinton’s Most Loyal Campaign Donors (Again)

Awkward. (AP)

Democrats love Elizabeth Warren. They just don’t want her anywhere near the levers of power. They’d prefer to see Warren focus on what she does best: attacking Wall Street. In a series of tweets posted Friday, she did just that:

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The New York Post is Wrong, Kate Upton is Perfect


The Washington Free Beacon was shocked to find the New York Post reporting that Kate Upton’s ego is “ruining her career.”

After spending the entirety of the 39 hours since the report was published analyzing the full body of her work, however, we have found that the Post is terribly mistaken. Kate Upton is just as perfect as ever and is doing great.

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‘Senior Defense Officials’ Are Undermining Army’s Prosecution of Bergdahl

Bowe Bergdahl

There has been a fascinating series of tweets coming from CNN this morning regarding the Bowe Bergdahl case.

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Think Piece Suggestions for ‘It Follows’

This piece will almost certainly annoy all of my friends AND all of my enemies.

I reviewed It Follows this week. It’s quite good! (The movie, I mean. Not my review, which is, at best, passable.) You should check it out. One of the things I really liked about the flick is how basic the horror at the center of the plot is: If you have sex with someone being followed by It—a phantasm of sorts that can take the form of anyone and cannot be stopped—It will now follow you and, if It catches you before you have sex with someone else to pass along the curse, It will kill you.

This sort of action is so bare bones that it can be interpreted virtually anyway you like.* As I joked with a friend, it’s the film that will launch a thousand dissertations.

But before the dissertations will come the think pieces. Allow me to suggest a few think pieces that would be perfect for It Follows, as well as the outlets to which you should pitch them.

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Democrats Are Sending Out Deranged Fundraising Emails Again

Paul Begala

Democratic fundraising emails during the midterms elections exhibited disturbingly high levels of derangement. Apparently, old habits die hard. Democratic strategist Paul Begala latest fundraising email for the Democratic House Majority PAC proudly continues this tradition, but with a twist.

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In Praise of the Elite Cinematic Experience

What I look like when I watch a movie

Going to the movies is, generally, terrible.

This is a sad but undeniable fact. Audiences are awful: They talk, they use their cell phones, they kick chairs and step on feet and yell at the screen. They stink. I mean, they literally smell bad. I don’t know if hygiene standards are diminishing in this country or what, but they occasionally give off a rather rank odor.

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Important Data Journalism: Action Franchises, Ranked

Something has gone horribly wrong in this post

Jonathan V. Last—one of my favorite people and the editor of the truly fantastic essay collection, The Seven Deadly Virtuessuggested the other day that the Mission: Impossible franchise is, pound for pound, the best franchise ever. EVER. He doubled down on that assertion the next day, suggesting that the breadth of styles within the MI film series, combined with the fact that it had no Crystal Skull-style embarrassments, should lead us to rank it highly.

This did not seem accurate to me. So I decided to engage in some data journalism! What does The Science tell us about which franchise is best?

A few thoughts, first:

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