Stephen Colbert Rips Off Liberal Blogger In DISGUSTING Attack on Female Journalist


Earlier this week, former comedian Stephen Colbert launched a disgusting attack on hardworking female reporter Alana Goodman, who recently uncovered correspondence between Hillary Clinton and left-wing radical Saul Alinsky. Liberals immediately sought to discredit Goodman’s work, presumably because she is female. Being a devoted liberal and friend of the Clintons, the Colbert Report host was obligated to pile on.

Unfortunately, Colbert and his team of writers couldn’t even be bothered to come up with original “jokes” for the segment, and resorted to plagiarizing a member of the left-wing blogosphere, a community renowned for its sophisticated sense of humor. In the course of mocking Goodman’s female reporting, Colbert said:

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Oscar Quotas

Jared Leto: too white to win in 2015? (AP)

New York magazine’s Vulture, one of my favorite pop culture blogs, has a little story up sounding an alarm. The Oscars are in trouble, you see. No, it has nothing to do with the quality of movies released this year (which, generally speaking, is considered to be pretty high). And the concern doesn’t have to do with the slate of films yet to hit multiplexes: buzzy films like Gone Girl (review coming this Friday!) and Birdman and Interstellar are all on the not-too-distant horizon. There’s been a raft of really solid performances.

The problem, as Kyle Buchanan sees it, is that the Oscars might be, well, too white.

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The Ceasefire in Ukraine is Being Ignored by Moscow


As exercises in cognitive dissonance go, it’s hard to beat the first sentence of this Washington Post report on events in Ukraine:

Fighting intensified in eastern Ukraine on Wednesday despite a fragile cease-fire, as pro-Russian rebels appeared to be close to capturing the strategically important Donetsk airport.

This ceasefire appears to be fragile in the sense that a piece of china you have just shattered is fragile.

In the Post’s defense, at least some of the parties to the truce still speak as though it is still in effect. The Ukrainian government, perhaps fearing the military consequences of a complete breakdown and hoping to buy some time, is “reluctant” to declare the agreement over, according to the Post.

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Ellison’s Must Read of the Day

Ellison must read

My must read of the day is “All the Facts Fit to Delete,” by Charles C. W. Cooke, in National Review Online.

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Put Michelle Obama In Charge of the Secret Service

Michelle Obama

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson appeared before a congressional committee today to address concerns over the recent breach of the White House by a deranged and armed and surprisingly swift 42-year-old who wanted to tell the president that the atmosphere was collapsing.

She did not encounter a warm reception.

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Kay Hagan to Fundraise with Sexual Predator She Once Condemned

Senator Kay Hagan poses with sexual predator Bill Clinton. (AP)

Senator Kay Hagan (D., N.C.) will host former President Bill Clinton at a fundraiser in Chapel Hill on Tuesday. A campaign spokeswoman said the senator was honored to appear with Clinton, who is the only president in history to be impeached for lying about a sexual relationship with a White House intern.

Hagan hasn’t always been so willing to associate herself with the president who presided over the Rwandan genocide. The Greensboro News & Record recalled how then-State Senator Hagan reacted to having her photo taken near a portrait of Clinton at a political event in 1998:

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Republicans Aim to Bury Sean Eldridge, Strike a Blow for America

Facebook spouse douse.

The National Republican Campaign Committee is finally running ads against Sean Eldridge in New York’s 19th district. This is a positive development for America, which will be dealt a serious blow if Eldridge loses his race by fewer than 30 points. Mere victory is not enough; utter humiliation must be inflicted.

In case you’ve forgotten, Eldridge is the 28-year-old husband of Chris Hughes, who made millions of dollars by being Mark Zuckerberg’s randomly assigned roommate at Harvard and for pioneering the Facebook “poke” button.

Eldridge, who majored in political science at Brown, thinks he deserves a seat in Congress. Doesn’t really matter which one. His husband has already purchased multiple mansions in neighboring districts, and if Eldridge isn’t totally annihilated in November, he will probably move somewhere else and try again. For the sake of America’s future, that can’t be allowed to happen.

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Ellison’s Must Read of the Day

Ellison must read

My must read of the day is “Intel Officials Take Issue With Obama on ‘Underestimate’ of ISIS Threat,” in NBC News.

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John Mellencamp: Let Presidents Serve Four Terms, Senators Four Years

John Mellencamp

Nothing says “constitutional ignoramus” like the musings of a faded pop star desperately trying to remain moderately relevant.

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Five Perfect Directors for the Cinematic Adaptation of ‘Tetris’

The stars of the forthcoming feature, 'Tetris'

According to the Wall Street Journal, the video game Tetris is being adapted into a feature-length motion picture. The game with the blocks and the music? That you played on your Game Boy for hundreds of hours? Yeah, that one.

Anyway, I’ve got a BREAKING EXCLUSIVE* sneak peek at the directors currently up for the job, as well as their vision for the work.

But first, to get you in the mood, enjoy ten hours of the Tetris theme. By the time you’re doing listening to 10 hours of Tetris music, anything I suggest will sound good to you.

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Paul Krugman Is Annoyed that More People Aren’t Listening to Paul Krugman


Eccentric millionaire Paul Krugman is annoyed with America. It seems that despite Krugman’s persistent whining that everyone should be outraged about income inequality and launching pitchfork raids against people who are slightly richer than Paul Krugman, most people aren’t that fussed.

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Lena Dunham Is Right (About Offering Unpaid Jobs)

Lena Dunham: Enabler of dreams, fashion icon (AP)

As the Free Beacon‘s resident Lena Dunham apologist*, I have to say that I’m a bit flummoxed by the outrage surrounding her decision to offer performers a chance to increase their public profile by performing (for no pay) on her book tour. The New York Times explains:

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Millennial Sense of Entitlement and Anti-Corporate Attitudes Will Kill the Entertainment Industry

The preferred fate of all those who profit from piracy (via Flickr user Rudy (New Routes))

The New York Times recently published a profile of a rather dreadful person who made a living by effecting the theft of movies and TV shows. For her crimes, she went to prison. That’s good! I wish she’d gone away a bit longer than 16 months, but whatever. But it doesn’t really matter. Because entertainment theft is now a way of life for my cohort. And that’s never going to change.

From the Times:

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Affluent Grandmother Is 2016 Frontrunner

Hillary Clinton prepares to juggle microphones for money. (AP)

The 2016 frontrunner for the Democratic nomination is an affluent 66-year-old grandmother named Hillary Clinton, the Free Beacon has learned. She is pictured below (seated, obviously).

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Obama Blames His Aides for Failure in Iraq, but Can’t Convince 60 Minutes

Barack Obama, David Cameron, Chuck Hagel

The better part of a year ago—the day after New Year’s Day, to be precise—I was returning from an overseas trip when I noticed, with a start, that my plane was flying more or less directly over Ramadi, Iraq.

The day is fixed in my mind because just before take-off I had been reading in the news that a group calling itself ISIS or ISIL or the Islamic State or the Caliphate looked to be in the process of seizing Ramadi and nearby Fallujah from the Iraqi government. Yet, there it was, depicted on the inflight map in front of me. I cracked the window cover and looked down, but you can’t make out much in the way of gun-fighting at 38,000 feet. Putin’s special forces hadn’t yet shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in Ukraine, so no one on the plane was particularly concerned about our location.

Reflecting on what a difference 30,000 feet makes, I shut the blind again and thought about how crushing the loss of those cities would be to those of my friends who had fought for them a decade earlier.

So, that was the second of January, 2014. The press was covering the story extensively. From the following day’s New York Times:

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