The ACLU Is No Longer a Free Speech Organization

The American Civil Liberty Union has done a lot of good in this country, imho. I know they’re a favorite target of many conservatives, including my bosses, and I myself would never donate to them (their abortion advocacy being a deal-breaker). But the organization has a long history of standing up for and protecting the …

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UNHRC: World’s Most Inhumane Institution

“The Human Rights Organization is the last place anyone would ever expect to find some of the biggest human rights abusers in history.”

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Explainer: What’s Inside Trump’s Family Unification EO

President Trump Signs Executive Order Ending Family Separations At Border

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday afternoon to address the ongoing controversy surrounding the separation of parents and children detained at the border, ordering the Department of Homeland Security to keep families together for the duration of their immigration processing.

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Critical Inclusions

There has been much discussion of a recent USC study suggesting that film critics, as a group, are disproportionately white and male. You could quibble with methodology (some say Rotten Tomatoes is a useful, easy-to-access measuring stick but far from comprehensive; I think it’s a fair cross-section of the critical community) if you wanted to, but, honestly, it feels pretty accurate to me. Women, non-white writers, and, as I have noted elsewhere, conservatives, are pretty underrepresented in the world of film criticism.

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The Stupidest NY Daily News Column of All Time (Until the Next One)

If you aren’t familiar with New York Daily News columnist Linda Stasi … well first of all, I envy you. Honestly, you might want to stop reading here and revel in your blissful ignorance.

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Anne Hathaway: America’s Greatest Actress

As I started writing this piece, I had put a question mark at the end of the headline. Remembering Betteridge’s Law, I went back and deleted it. Because on this, there can be no doubt: Anne Hathaway is America’s greatest actress.

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Media Matters Staffer Takes Sean Hannity Out of Context to Falsely Accuse Him of Lawbreaking

I am… not a Sean Hannity fan. The impression I’ve gotten from our few Twitter interactions is that the feeling is mutual. But even Hannity doesn’t deserve to be badly taken out of context and smeared. That’s what happened late Wednesday, when a partisan twisted his words to accuse him of calling on witnesses to …

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New Substandard, Plus a Book Recommendation

The latest Substandard is here; we spend about the first half of the show kibitzing, the second half of the show half-assing our way through some extra Solo: A Star Wars Story thoughts. Not necessarily our best episode; the embed is at the bottom of the post if I haven’t turned you off entirely. But one …

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No, Trump’s Iran Policy Doesn’t Strengthen ‘Hardliners’

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

Much of the recent commentary on the Trump administration’s Iran policy has been deeply flawed.

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The Moronic Media-Manufactured Melania Mystery

First Lady Melanie Trump White House portrait / Twitter

Melania Trump has not been seen in public for more than twenty days. This is probably at least partly attributable to the kidney surgery she underwent a few weeks ago, but apparently this is a big deal and Twitter is on it. Maybe Donald Trump beat her! I wish that I didn’t suspect that the prolonged, poorly explained …

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Here’s What Trump Actually Said to Lester Holt

Holt Trump

The media has never been capable of listening to Donald Trump and actually hearing what he says. After constant coverage for three years, you would think they would have caught on by now.

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Samantha Bee Apologized for Giving Her Audience What It Demands

Samantha Bee’s late-night TBS program is not a novel one. She summarizes a left-of-MSNBC version of events to a receptive audience, delivering rapid-fire one-liners and progressive protestations, all supplemented by news clips to give her routines a feeling of high-minded, informative satire. Other such shows exist.

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‘They’ll Remember Us’

This post discusses plot points from the series finale of The Americans.

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Media Fawn Over Teacher Who Incorrectly ‘Corrected’ Letter From Trump

Grammar Nazis suck. We all know this. Most Grammar Nazis are quarantined into editor positions where their evil can be best contained and used for good, but many exist in the wild. Most recently, 61-year-old retired teacher Yvonne Mason went viral and earned widespread media coverage for correcting a series of grammatical errors in a …

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18 Years On, Ehud Barak Defends Decision to Retreat

Ehud Barak

Last week marked 18 years since Israel fled southern Lebanon. The man responsible for it, former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, notable for wearing his self-satisfaction on his sleeve, said in a radio interview on Thursday: “Then, as now, I am very proud of my decision to remove Israel Defense Forces from Lebanon.” He did this, he added, despite “many reservations from the political and security establishment.” In fact, Barak overcame the objections of the IDF’s entire upper echelon. One wishes he had directed the same energies to overcoming Hezbollah instead.

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