6 Nice Jeb-Related Things in Barbara Bush’s Memoirs


Over at Gawker they are laying into Jeb Bush, suggesting that, of all people, his wonderful mother, Barbara, is his “biggest bully.”

While there is no denying that the Silver Fox is sparing in her praise, especially for her children, it would be a huge mistake to think that there is any love lost between our greatest living First Lady and the former governor of Florida. Here, pulled at random from her charming two volumes of memoirs, are 10 counter-examples:

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The Truth About Drafting Women

Robert Neller, Raymond Mabus

Blogging at Commentary, Max Boot says this:

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Cam Newton Is Sympathetic Because He Hates Losing

When you put your hand into a bunch of goo that a moment before was Greg Olsen's face, you'll know what to do.

As I noted yesterday, Cam Newton did himself no favors after the Super Bowl by acting like a bit of a baby following Carolina’s destruction at the hands of the Denver Broncos. He reinforced all the negative ideas everyone had about him and undid all the progress he had made on rehabilitating his image.

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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Lincoln Chafee Will Not Endorse a Candidate in 2016 Democratic Primary

Lincoln Chafee

Lincoln Chafee will not endorse a candidate during the race for the 2016 Democratic nomination, the former Rhode Island governor and presidential candidate said in an interview conducted as both parties prepare for the nation’s first primary contest in New Hampshire.

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How Obama Handled the Readiness Question

Rubio Obama

Chris Christie dealt Marco Rubio a blow on Saturday. When Christie said Rubio isn’t ready to be president because he relies too heavily on memorized stump speeches, Rubio responded by delivering a stump speech, verbatim, several times. The exchange went viral. Rubio’s enemies in the GOP, among the Democrats, and in the media piled on. His future is uncertain.

I went back and looked at President Obama’s answer to the readiness question. Hillary Clinton attacked Obama’s youth and thin résumé throughout their primary fight, mostly famously in the “3 a.m. phone call” ad. But Obama not only defeated Clinton, he also beat John McCain, who made similar arguments against him. How?

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Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders: Who Did Better on SNL?

Live From New York Values.

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have both made cameo appearances in Saturday Night Live skits during this election cycle. We break down the skits to tell you, the voter, who was the superior guest politician.

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Cam Newton Took a Huge Tax Hit Last Night

'I gotta pay California WHAT in taxes? Mannnnnn' (AP)

Cam Newton is one of the sorest losers of all time, a pouty wreck when things don’t go his way who spent the first portion of his career getting reamed by the great Steve Smith for being such a whiny whinging whiner. I don’t particularly care for the guy and thought the attempt to salvage his …

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Conservatives Say No To Drafting Women


Remember when the debate over “women in combat” was just a niche, professional dispute that seemed to affect only a small number of Americans, all of whom were either in (or trying to get into) ground combat units entirely of their own accord? It was all fun and games back in those days.

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A Rattled Rubio Survives New Hampshire Debate

Marco Rubio (AP)

Marco Rubio entered the ABC New Hampshire debate on the upswing, only to have Chris Christie bat him down. Rubio effectively turned a third-place finish in Iowa into a springboard for a top-two finish in New Hampshire. But Christie wasn’t about to let him sail to victory without a fight. Christie launched into a brutal and bruising attack on Rubio’s inexperience, belittling his record in the Senate, calling him over-scripted and underprepared, contrasting senatorial debate with executive action.

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NFL Super Bowl Pick, with Pictures


If you’ve been betting on football this year based on which team I think has the hotter fans, then you are probably up a good bit of cash. My data-based strategy led to a 74-60 record in the regular season. Things got a bit tricky in the playoffs and I was forced to slightly modify my …

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Coen Brothers Films Ranked from Least to Most Problematic

History's greatest monsters (AP)

New Foreword to the Revised, Expanded, and Updated version of this blog post:

Well now the Coen Brothers have gone and done it. Not content to simply make the most problematic movies in all of filmdom, they have stuck a finger in the eye of the #OscarsSoWhite crowd. While giving interviews for their new film, Hail, Caesar! (reviewed here), they said that questions about diversity in their movies are, more or less, idiotic.

This is, obviously, deeply problematic.

So much so that I’ve decided to update and re-run this column in order to highlight the problematic nature of Hail, Caesar! and place it within the context of the rest of their horrifyingly troubling work. If you cannot even with this I don’t blame you. But stay strong! We’ll get through this together!

End of new foreword.

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Coen Bros. DESTROY Complaints About Diversity in Their Films

History's greatest monsters (AP)

As I’ve noted elsewhere, I’m not entirely unsympathetic to the #OscarsSoWhite campaign in that it helps expose a very real problem with the Academy Awards: the remarkably limited nature of what is considered “Oscar-worthy.”

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The DNC Fundraising Problem Explained in One Chart

dwstweets Instagram

In February 2015, Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was one of eight charter members of the #DNCVegetarianLunchClub.

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ANALYSIS: The Establishment Always Wins

Noted figure of the Establishment, Ted Cruz (AP)

Think back to the before time, the long long ago, prior to Donald Trump being defeated in Iowa and his mantra about being a winner proven false. In those dark days there was a beacon of light, a sort of Establishment Bat Signal:

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Breaking: The Diddle Report

Exhibit A

In October 2015, bearded reporter Dylan Byers broke news about the political activities of one of our employees, managing editor-digital Andrew Stiles. We immediately instructed our ombudsman, Biff Diddle, to thoroughly investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding Mr. Stiles’s considerable donation to the Donald J. Trump presidential campaign, allegedly in exchange for hats.

Ombudsman Diddle, who could not be reached for comment, delivered his report to Washington Free Beacon headquarters on February 1, 2016.  The report determined, conclusively in our view, that Stiles’s actions constituted a serious violation of the Free Beacon employee ethics policy. As a result, we have decided to vacate the position of managing editor-digital, and to sever all ties with Mr. Stiles, effective immediately.

In the interest of transparency, we have attached Ombudsman Diddle’s full report below. In the interest of national security, significant portions of the report have been redacted.

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