In Fiery Speech, Palestinian President Abbas Condemns United States, Threatens Violence,  Denies Jewish History

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas

At an Organization of the Islamic Conference summit in Turkey Wednesday, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas delivered a defiant speech in which he condemned the Trump administration and the United States, called on countries to end their recognition of Israel, threatened the world with violence, and claimed that Jewish history in Jerusalem is fabricated.

BREAKING: Middle East Has Not Gone Up in Flames


Because it is preposterous to insist that Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel, the political clique opposed to the United States’ recognition of this plain fact—that is, almost all of the western foreign policy establishment, journalists, commentators, former Obama and Clinton administration officials, European politicians and bureaucrats, United Nations cretins, and so on—settled on a different strategy to oppose it.

Days of Media Rage about Jerusalem

A picture taken from the Mount of Olives shows the Old City of Jerusalem with the Dome of the Rock mosque in the centre

I lived in Jerusalem, Israel, for two happy years, and much of my work ever since has involved U.S.-Israel relations. I should know better, yet still I am surprised at the rending of garments and apocalyptic predictions pouring forth from western pundits over something that will not change a single stone in the holy city, or a single person’s access to its holy sites, or a single border—and that overwhelming majorities of Congress and virtually every president and presidential candidate has endorsed for decades. Chalk it up in part to the hysteria that has characterized our political debates in the past two years, and also in part to the enormous influence that former Obama administration officials have in setting media narratives and frames for covering issues on which the current president repudiates the approach of the previous one.

Abbas Lies to Trump, Big Time

U.S President Donald Trump shakes hands with President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority after a joint statement in the Roosevelt Room of the White House

There was only one remarkable moment in the otherwise formulaic remarks to the press Wednesday by President Trump and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas: a claim by Abbas so audacious and dishonest that he may have damaged his credibility with the president:

The NYT Is Having a Meltdown Over Trump’s Israel Nominee

David Friedman

For a moment this week it felt as if the sneering, embittered media hysteria surrounding Donald Trump was starting ever so slightly to subside. But not so fast. The New York Times, the paper of record of urban liberal contempt for Deplorable America, discovered a fresh new outrage: Trump’s nominee for ambassador to Israel.

John Kerry Wishes Media Wouldn’t Cover Bad News (Continued)

John Kerry

It was only three weeks ago that the secretary of state committed a perfect Washington gaffe, complaining that media coverage of terrorism is making life difficult for him and the administration he serves: “Perhaps the media would do us all a service if they didn’t cover it quite as much. People wouldn’t know what’s going on.”