Rafael Correa

The Five Worst Things About Ecuador

President Rafael Correa tops list

Observers wondering who would assume the mantle of Hugo Chavez as Latin America’s fiery, anti-American strong man did not have to wait long. That man is Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa. Correa won a second term last February and promised to continue his “citizens’ revolution.” However, his record looks different beyond the rhetoric.

The Correa-Khamenei Axis

Ecuador pumping up its relationship with Iran and Syria, experts say

American national security officials are not adequately addressing the deepening ties between socialist Latin American regimes and state sponsors of terrorism in the Middle East, experts say.

Freedom Flagging in South America

Human rights advocates condemn Ecuadorian president’s assault on free speech

Human rights and press freedom advocates are sounding the alarm on an effort by Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa to undermine an international watchdog charged with ensuring freedom of the press.

Tribunal Rules Against Ecuador

Violated treaty and prior court rulings by failing to prevent enforcement of judgment against Chevron, tribunal finds

The government of Ecuador violated the terms of an investment treaty with the United States by failing to prevent the enforcement of a multi-billion dollar environmental judgment against American oil company Chevron, according to a tribunal arbitrating the dispute.