Planned Parenthood

Kittens Over Kids

Dems who defended Planned Parenthood helped end kitten research

Four Democratic senators who voted against protecting newborns sponsored a bill designed to protect baby cats.

Bad Medicine

Veteran researchers: Medical advances have made fetal tissue research unnecessary

stem cell researchA pair of medical experts told lawmakers that controversial fetal tissue research has been rendered obsolete thanks to advances using adult stem cells and other treatments.

Journo Who Uncovered Organ Harvesting Gets His Day in Court

David Daleiden asks Appeals Court to toss suit blocking public records request

David DaleidenCenter for Medical Progress founder David Daleiden asked a federal appeals court to dismiss the "character assassination" waged by researchers seeking to redact their information as part of a public records request.

SCOTUS Declines to Hear Planned Parenthood Suit

Thomas condemns colleagues for dodging responsibility

Supreme CourtThe Supreme Court on Monday rejected a suit against a Louisiana Planned Parenthood affiliate due, Justice Clarence Thomas argued in a dissent, to an unwillingness to go near the political third rail of abortion.