Mike Lee

Joining the Jokers

Sen. Mike Lee and Sen. Bernie SandersOn foreign policy, the isolationist right and the progressive left always manage to arrive at the same destination: withdrawal and isolation, ceding the world to its worst actors, ignoring small problems until they become large crises. Caroline Glick summed it up several years ago: "The far Left argues the U.S. should withdraw from world leadership because the U.S. is evil. And the far Right argues the U.S. should withdraw from world leadership because the world is evil."

Republican Touts Support From Fringe Anti-Israel, Pro-Iran Groups to End U.S. Intervention In Yemen

Bid to end U.S. action in Yemen could benefit Iran, erode relations with U.S. ally Saudi Arabia

Mike LeeA leading Republican senator has been touting support from a host of fringe anti-war groups as part of his effort to end U.S. intervention in Yemen, a bid that has drawn concerns the United States could cede the country to Iranian militias, according to multiple sources familiar with the situation.

Rubio, Lee Expect Vote on Child Tax Credit Amendment

Senators still back trade of credit for families with slight corporate tax bump

Sens. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) and Mike Lee (R., Utah) said Friday they are still committed to introducing an amendment to the Senate’s tax reform bill that would expand the child tax credit to cover more American families.

Cruz, Lee Warn Trump Not to Tap Former Clinton Aide as Ambassador to Colombia

Senators say career diplomat's consideration 'deeply troubling'

Republican Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are urging President Trump not to appoint as ambassador to Colombia a prominent career State Department official who served as a top aide to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and worked closely with her in the aftermath of the Benghazi attacks.