Local Reporter Spotlight

Local Reporter Spotlight: World Cup Edition

When a nation hosts 32 countries to compete in a World Cup, not only does it need to accommodate for the hundreds of players and staffs, it also needs to brace itself for a deluge of negative coverage by the thousands of news outlets, all with their own ideological bent. So far, I’ve been enjoying ESPN’s Wright Thompson blogging about the varied scrumtrulescent South American cuisines and cervezas. Another reporter worth following is Mexico’s Vanessa Huppenkothen.

Local Reporter Spotlight: Madison Burke

Local reporting is like community service, but with more make-up. Volunteerism inspires the truly great local reporters to seek out and report on topics ranging from serious problems such as a community's dangerous pot holes to lighter fare such as the local pet show. People will climb over one another to report from a red carpet, but it takes a certain someone with a sterling community service record to share stories of people in the community.

Local Reporter Spotlight: Rachel Harkbarth

In a perfect world, local news would be reported by, well, locals. There’s a certain texture townies provide in covering their home region, bringing history, cultural understanding, and a general appreciation to their beat. Nostalgia is the no-calorie sweetener of reporting.

Local Reporter Spotlight: Grecia Aguilar

Shifting demographics have forced newsrooms all over the country to pay more attention to the American Southwest, or what I prefer to call “God’s Country.” The increase in America's Hispanic population, for example, puts bilingual journos like KSWT’s Grecia Aguilar at a premium.

Local Reporter Spotlight: Breana Pitts

There are many paths for a young, optimistic journalist to take on his or her path to a network news anchor’s chair. While some can afford the advantage of nepotism, others toil for years by erecting a career in small and mid-sized markets before making the leap to the big show. It’s pretty much the plot of Anchorman. But before even a greenhorn journo can begin reporting live from the Poughkeepsie livestock show, they start as the lowest of the low rungs, a Production Assistant. This week’s local reporter spotlight shines on WHDH’s News Coordinator and aspiring entertainment reporter Breana Pitts.