Henry Waxman

Keystone Coincidence

Blogger suggests WaPo, Dem lawmakers coordinated on false story about Keystone and Koch Brothers

A pair of congressional Democrats are hyping debunked reporting on Koch Industries in an effort to tie them to the Keystone XL pipeline, leading a prominent conservative blogger to suggest coordination between the Washington Post and Democratic lawmakers.

Waxman Scolds Cable Lobby for Blasting NBC Obamacare Ads

California Rep. mum on donations from NBC parent company

Rep. Henry Waxman (D., Calif.) recently criticized a Time Warner Cable lobbyist for suggesting that NBC is exhibiting bias in its coverage of the Affordable Care Act. However, Waxman failed to disclose his own campaign contributions from Comcast Corp., the parent company of NBCUniversal.

Stopping the Bleeding

House committee discusses ways to prevent healthcare fraud, Republicans target Obamacare

The government is struggling to contain fraud and waste throughout the health care system and Medicare is especially vulnerable to both, according to a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing Wednesday.