Government Shutdown

Three Airports Ground to Halt

Mass delays come days after judge rejected Air Traffic Controllers union request for pay

cancelled flightsJust days after a federal judge denied a union bid to end the government shutdown, some of the nation's busiest airports ground to a halt due to "staffing" issues.

Growing Number of Dems Buck Pelosi on Federal Worker Pay

13 Democrats side with GOP to ensure federal workers receive first paycheck of the year

A growing number of House Democrats are bucking Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) in support of GOP efforts to ensure federal workers get paid during the ongoing government shutdown.

Trump to Deliver State of the Union In Front of Congress


U.S. CapitolThe annual tradition of the president delivering the State of the Union address from the floor of the House of Representatives is still in limbo with the ongoing government shutdown, with one prominent Democratic house member saying hosting the speech from the House chamber is "highly unlikely."

Freshman House Dems Counter Trump’s Offer to End Shutdown

Proposal comes despite speaker's opposition to compromising on border wall funding

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Holds Her Weekly News Conference On Capitol HillA group of freshman Democrats in the House are countering President Donald Trump's proposal to end the partial government shutdown, despite Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (Calif.) opposition to any compromise that includes border wall funding.