First Amendment

Journo Who Uncovered Organ Harvesting Gets His Day in Court

David Daleiden asks Appeals Court to toss suit blocking public records request

David DaleidenCenter for Medical Progress founder David Daleiden asked a federal appeals court to dismiss the "character assassination" waged by researchers seeking to redact their information as part of a public records request.

Sessions Reaffirms Trump Admin’s Commitment to Protecting Speech on Campus

Sessions: 'Freedom of speech and thought have come most under attack on the college campus'

Attorney General Jeff Sessions reaffirmed the Trump administration’s commitment to protecting and advancing First Amendment freedoms on college campuses during a free speech in higher education forum at the Department of Justice on Monday.

Conservatives Wouldn’t Have to ‘Weaponize’ the First Amendment If Liberals Didn’t Keep Violating It

New York Times building / Getty Images

The New York Times appeared to make an error in this Saturday’s print edition. An op-ed piece headlined “How Conservatives Weaponized the First Amendment” was published on the front-page and not labeled as an opinion piece. The piece was mistakenly bylined to the Times’ Supreme Court reporter Adam Liptak, rather than some sort of editorial writer.