Elizabeth Warren

SNAKE WATCH: Elizabeth Warren’s Next Move Could Decide the Election

Principled progressive? Or establishment hack?

Warren has a crucial decision to make. Her next move could determine whether the nomination goes to Biden, a 77-year-old train enthusiast with mild dementia, or Sanders, a 78-year-old socialist with heart problems. Will Warren adhere to her leftist principles by offering an immediate, full-throated endorsement of Sanders? Or will she succumb to the allure of her own ambition by endorsing Biden?

Pocahontas Surrenders

She will not persist

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, the liberal firebrand who emerged as a top Democratic contender for the White House on the strength of an anti-corruption platform backed by a dizzying array of policy proposals, ended her campaign on Thursday, the New York Times reported, citing a source close to her.

Bernie Chokes

Joementum smothers socialist insurgency

Bernie SandersThe revolution will have to wait. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) fell short of expectations on Super Tuesday, failing to prevent former vice president Joe Biden from fighting his way back into contention in the Democratic primary.

Warren’s Harvard Bubble Bursts

Mass. senator crashes and burns in home state

Elizabeth WarrenGROTON, Mass.—As night turned to day on Super Tuesday, Joe Biden was even beating Elizabeth Warren among Democratic primary voters who hold advanced degrees, according to exit polls. The former vice president's strong performance with a group that has tended to back the Massachusetts senator was just one indication of his extraordinary comeback on Tuesday, and of Warren's disappointing performance in her home state.