FBI Warns U.S. Companies of Cyber Terror

Israeli, Jewish interests targeted

The FBI is warning U.S. companies that cyber terrorists from the Middle East and North Africa are planning to conduct cyber attacks against Israeli and Jewish interests next week.

Anonymous to March on DC on Guy Fawkes Day

Dozens of ‘hacktivists’ plan to protest dozens of causes

Demonstrators involved with Anonymous, a loose collective of online “hacktivists,” will gather on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 5 to march for a vast, nearly innumerable number of causes and issues.

Anonymous, Syrian Hackers Target Israel on 9/11

Denial of service attacks take down sites, email logins released

Hackers claiming to be affiliated with Anonymous launched a widespread cyber attack on Israeli citizens, government institutions, and corporations on Wednesday, according to Internet chatter and postings from the self-described hackers.

Anonymous Announces Hack Attack Against Syria, Saudi Arabia

Vows to punish both sides of Syrian civil war

The hacking collective known as Anonymous claimed to have launched a cyberattack on the Syrian government and the Saudi Arabian government to punish both sides of the Syrian civil war for atrocities that had been committed. Anonymous said in a statement released on Sunday that the hack attack had been launched on behalf of the “people of Syria,” and it condemned both the Assad government and rebel fighters, which have received support from Saudi Arabia, for their violent acts.

Hermit Kingdom’s Internet Troubles

North Korean web sites go dark after Anonymous hack

Websites in North Korea were shut down early on Thursday after the anarchist group Anonymous reported stealing secret data from the reclusive communist state on Pyongyang’s missile programs.

Syrian Hackers Strike

Collective linked to Anonymous attacks Israeli system, The Onion's Twitter feed

A hacker group known as the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) claims to have “penetrated” one of Israel's central Internet infrastructure systems in Haifa in response to an Israeli attack over the weekend on Syrian weapons shipments.

Hacking Zion

Anonymous launches coordinated cyberattack on Israel

Hackers launched a coordinated cyberattack on Israel over the weekend in an attempt to “wipe Israel off the map of the Internet,” defacing some 20,000 Israeli Facebook accounts and nearly 2,000 Israeli websites.

The Cyber Front

Anonymous-linked groups hack Israeli websites, release personal data

An anti-Israel hacking collective affiliated with Anonymous has initiated a widespread cyber attack against the Jewish state, penetrating websites affiliated with the Mossad security service and a slew of related entities.

Reuters Editor Indicted for Hacking

Allegedly worked with Anonymous to hack Los Angeles Times

Reuters deputy social media editor Matthew Keys has been indicted for allegedly working with Anonymous to hack a Tribune Company website, the Justice Department announced Thursday.

Obama’s Secret Sugar Daddy

Despite President Obama’s outspoken criticism of the influence of anonymous, deep-pocketed donors in the political process, an anonymous donor is footing the bill for the president’s upcoming visit to Durham, New Hampshire.