Maxine Waters Attacks Ben Carson at Town Hall, Wants to ‘Take Him Apart’

Rep. Maxine Waters
Rep. Maxine Waters / Getty Images

Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.) went after Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson at a town hall on Saturday.

At the town hall in Gardena, Calif., Waters said that Carson should go back to his former profession of being a surgeon, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Waters also told the crowd that the next time Carson went before the House Financial Services Committee, she would "take him apart." Waters is the top Democrat on that committee.

One woman in the audience carrying a sign that read "Impeach Mad Max" was yelling that Waters had to go. Waters responded by leading the chant "Impeach 45." The chant lasted for over four minutes while her supporters gathered around the woman with the sign.

"Stay woke," Waters said.

Waters has been one of the most hostile members of Congress toward the Trump administration and has repeatedly called for impeaching President Donald Trump. Her vocal opposition has made her a hero to millennial liberals, who call her "Auntie Maxine."