Obama: ‘The Time Has Come for Me to Pass the Baton’ to Hillary

President Obama campaigned Tuesday in Philadelphia on behalf of Hillary Clinton and told the crowd "the time has come for me to pass the baton on" to her.

The audience seemed fired up at the suggestion that a Clinton presidency would serve as a third term for Obama’s legacy.

Clinton has focused much of her campaign on many of the same issues that President Obama addressed in his past eight years in office, including equal pay, combating climate change, and debt-free college.

Earlier at the rally Obama lead the crowd in his 2008 signature chant, "Yes we can." Obama asked of the crowd "to work as hard for Hillary as you did for me."

Obama returned to the campaign trail for Clinton while she is recovering from pneumonia. With an approval rating near 90 percent among Democrats, his presence is expected to be a fixture on the campaign trail for Clinton leading up to the election this fall.