McCaskill: Hagel ‘More Comfortable Asking Questions Than Answering Them’

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D., Mo.) was critical of defense secretary nominee Chuck Hagel's performance in the first round of his confirmation hearing Thursday on MSNBC:

ANDREA MITCHELL: Claire McCaskill is one of those questioning Chuck Hagel this morning, and she joins me now. Thank you for joining us during a break. Thanks for leaving the hearing room. Senator, how is your — what is your perspective as to how it went today?

CLAIRE MCCASKILL: I am going to be candid, I think Sen. Hagel is much more comfortable asking questions than answering them. That's one bad habit I think you get into when you have been in the Senate is that you can dish it out, but sometimes it's a little more difficult to take it.

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McCaskill went on to say she was reassured by some of Hagel's answers and that she would wait until the hearings concluded to decide on if she would vote in favor of confirmation.

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