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Nebraska Dem Thinks He’s Dick Cavett

Bob Kerrey / AP

Democratic Nebraska Senate candidate Bob Kerrey invoked 1970s late-night talk show host Dick Cavett to defend himself against accusations that his years living in New York City now render him a non-Nebraskan.

According to Politico:

"Nobody said that Johnny Carson wasn't a Nebraskan. Nobody said that Dick Cavett isn't a Nebraskan. Nobody accused Marlon Brando or Henry Fonda, after they left and found opportunity someplace else, of not being a Nebraskan," Kerrey said to more applause.

Cavett mocked the "big, dumb, beergut white-trash mentality" of the "rednecks at the gas station in Tuscaloosa" in a 2010 interview (0:57-1:25).