Hillary, the Fighter

Hillary Clinton fought Secret Service agent to fly into blizzard


During her campaign for president in 2008, then-Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton was involved in a profanity-laced argument with one of her Secret Service agents, according to Glenn Thrush a reporter for THE POLITICO.

Thrush witnessed Clinton being cursed at by an agent in an argument over her demand to fly the campaign plane, a Boeing 737, into a roiling Wisconsin blizzard.

"I remember watching a usually stoic Secret Service agent cursing Clinton on the tarmac in Milwaukee when she ordered the campaign’s rattletrap 737 to fly up into a blizzard, knowing we’d have to turn back, just so she could say she’d attempted to fly to a rally in Madison.

The gesture was meaningless. She lost Wisconsin by 17 points a few days later."

It is unknown why this event was not reported at the time.

However, it is now known that for purely political appearances, Clinton, campaigning to be the Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces, wanted to lead her campaign jet, packed with the souls of numerous press, campaign staff, and federal agents, into unsafe flying conditions.

Another anecdote reported in Thrush’s article involved a staff member of Clinton’s having his phone thrown down a stairwell by a belligerent boss.

"Around that time, I was chatting with a source in Clinton’s campaign headquarters who had retreated to a stairwell with his BlackBerry when his boss stormed through the door and shouted, "Who are you talking to?" The next thing I heard was the thunk-thunk-thunk as the phone bounced down the concrete steps.

‘Call you right back!’ the official offered gamely, after retrieving his battered device."

Thrush declines to identify the unnamed "boss" in his article, as he was on the end of the line at the time, but it is common staff vernacular for both campaign staff and the staff of office holders to refer to the candidate or office holder as his or her "boss."

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