Artur Davis: Biden comment ‘divisive tactic that’s insulting to African Americans’

Former Obama co-chair: 'It ought to embarrass President Obama'

Former Rep. Artur Davis criticized sharply comments made by Vice President Joe Biden Tuesday, in an interview with CNN.

The vice president told supporters at a Danville, Va., campaign event that Republicans are "going to put y'all back in chains."

Davis, who changed his party affiliation from Democratic to Republican this year, said Biden's comments constituted a "divisive tactic that's insulting to African Americans," in the CNN interview:

Saying Biden went to a place he "never should have gone" in his remarks, Davis called the vice president's words insulting. […]

Davis said he had hoped Obama's presidency would make a huge dent in race relations, as well as move the Democratic Party further to the center. Biden's comments, Davis said, should embarrass the president.

"It ought to embarrass President Obama," he said. "President Obama has talked so movingly about our country moving beyond race, and his own vice president makes this kind of comment yesterday? It was wrong and the president ought to be embarrassed by it, and the president ought to say it was wrong."