Senate Dems hold Pentagon Hostage


Republicans on the Hill attempted to protect increased funding for the Defense Department by cutting funds for other programs, but were attacked by Democrats who threatened to refuse to negotiate. Politico reported the story, saying that House Republicans were trying to "cut poverty funds," while Democrats hold the DOD hostage over entitlement spending:

Setting the stage for an emotional floor fight Thursday, House Republicans pushed ahead Monday evening with plans to protect increased defense spending without raising taxes, largely by cutting more from domestic programs, including aid to the poor. …

"I understand why House Republicans would want us to forget about last August, but the fact is they brought us to the brink and then they agreed to a bipartisan deal to get us out of it," said [Sen. Patty] Murray [D-Wash.], who led the ill-fated supercommittee deficit talks last fall. "Today, Republicans continue their mad dash away from that deal in order to protect the wealthy from paying a penny more.

"The reality is that the only way to avoid sequestration is to work with us on a balanced and fair approach that protects middle-class families. Until Republicans realize that, they will only be negotiating with themselves."


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