Report: White House Briefly Put on Lockdown

White House

The White House was briefly put on lockdown Monday afternoon after an individual hopped the bike-rack barriers on the perimeter of the residence.

The Secret Service said in a statement Monday evening that the individual was arrested after jumping over the low bike-rack barriers at approximately 4:30 P.M., The Hill reported.

"At no time did the subject gain entry to the grounds of the White House complex," a spokesperson for the Secret Service said. "The incident was quickly resolved."

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Earlier, local ABC affiliate WJLA reported that police said that an individual tried to jump the fence but only made it past the low bike-rack barriers before being arrested.

A congressional reporter at Fox News first reported the news of the brief lockdown on Twitter, adding that there had not been a change to security posture on Capitol Hill.

Shortly later, a series of reports indicated that the lockdown had been lifted, though little details were initially known. A journalist from the Washington Examiner reported that it was a "false alarm" following an alert for a security breach.

Several reports also indicated that an individual was apprehended after jumping over the perimeter bike-rack barriers outside of the White House, though the suspect did not reach President Obama’s residence.

At least three people successfully jumped the White House fence last year to make it onto the property. In 2014, a man with a knife in his pocket jumped the White House fence and made it all the way inside to the East Room, an incident that sparked a congressional investigation. 

This post will be updated as further information becomes available