Piers Morgan Gives Airtime to Kremlin Propagandist, 9/11 Truther

'Why do I have to work for RT to tell the truth about corporations and the U.S. government?'

• March 5, 2014 9:51 pm


Soon-to-depart CNN host Piers Morgan interviewed RT anchor and 9/11 truther Abby Martin about her condemnation of Russia's invasion of Ukraine Wednesday, where she pondered why only the Kremlin-funded network gave her a platform to "tell the truth about corporations and the U.S. government."

Martin spoke out against the invasion of Ukraine on her show Breaking the Set Tuesday, saying "what Russia did is wrong."  Martin claimed she has total editorial independence despite the obvious conflict of interest, due to it being a pro-Russian propaganda channel.

"I hope the military aggression is scaled back and I hope we can see a peaceful outcome," she said. "But I think that the question that should be asked is why do I have to work for RT to tell the truth about corporations and the U.S. government. I mean, seriously. You guys are beholden to advertisers that you cannot criticize. And that's why I work for a station that I can criticize –"

Morgan cut her off, there, saying he was free to say "whatever the hell I like."

"Fair enough, Piers, but I think a lot of people deal with self-censorship all across the media spectrum," she said.

Morgan ended the interview there, perhaps too polite to point out that comparison was ludicrous, as his network and others in the U.S. don't boot gay reporters for speaking out against brutal Russian discrimination against homosexuals, and those "corporate networks" she referred to are not funded by their host country's government to sell pro-Putin propaganda.

Martin also told Morgan she stays true to her "moral compass," which includes a 9/11-truther background, the New York Times reports:

Ms. Martin’s comments were less surprising to viewers more familiar with her work as a commentator and antiwar activist whose animating obsession has been her conviction that the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, were part of a government conspiracy. Before she rose to prominence on television, she was an active member of what is known as the 9/11 Truth movement, whose members hold that the official history of the terrorist attacks is a cover for a concealed government conspiracy.

Martin said the pro-Putin propaganda pointed out by Morgan was "no different than any other corporate media station" and that the corporate media "almost wanted to revive the Cold War."

The Washington Free Beacon has also reported on Martin's anti-corporate screeds and her fairly strong Instagram game.

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