Chronic Offender

Lee Fang puffs up another one


Blogger Lee Fang has once again been caught taking a hit off the bong of factual inaccuracy.

In a recent article about Rokk Solutions, a political consulting firm, Fang confused Rokk cofounder Brian J. Walsh with political consultant Brian O. Walsh, a member of the firm Red Print Strategy.

Fang originally reported:

Rokk co-founder Brian Walsh, meanwhile, is leading a new Republican Super PAC called Future45, a mysterious group devoted to supporting the eventual Republican presidential nominee in the general election. Walsh previously helped organize a number of other GOP Super PACs and big money groups, including the Congressional Leadership Fund and the American Action Network. According to media reports, some of the same big money donors who helped bankroll the Karl Rove network of Super PACs have seeded Future45 with $600,000 already.

Rokk cofounder Brian J. Walsh is not involved in Future45, as Fang falsely claimed.

Fang compounds his mistake by mentioning Brian A. Walsh in the correction rather than Brian O. Walsh, the Republican consultant involved with Future45:

Correction: Brian J. Walsh is one of the founders of Rokk, and leader of Our Next America. Brian A. Walsh is leading a new Super PAC called Future45, devoted to supporting the eventual Republican presidential nominee in the general election. An earlier version of this story mistook one for the other. As a result, it mistakenly reported that Rokk’s founders included founders of two rival Super PACs that would play key roles in the presidential election.

The former Nation writer and current First Look Media reporter is most well-known for blowing smoke in a topless photograph that went viral several years ago.

Fang is also known for his editorial misadventures in fact finding.

First Look Media is a project of Glenn Greenwald, a blogger living in self-imposed exile in Brazil who facilitated the publication of stolen U.S. government files procured by Edward Snowden, thus jeopardizing U.S. national security.

Greenwald has bragged that Intercept journalism is "completely unrestrained by the unwritten rules of American journalism," a fact underscored by Fang's latest puffery.

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